The Streets

Wanna see a miracle happen? We see them nearly every day we are on the streets. If you are intentional about sharing the Gospel, God will make it happen.  Someone will come into your path.  The appointments are made right around you.  Angels shuffling to make it happen.

Planting vs. Harvesting:  There are some appointments that are for planting the seeds of the gospel, while with other appointments people receive Christ into their heart for the first time. Co-founder, Heart For God Ministries, Ben Paquin, calls it “The One.” The one appointment God had lined up for you to meet that day. The one appointment that shouldn’t be missed that day. We may meet dozens of people in an outing, but some days it is clear which one was The One. Clearly every meeting is important, every seed planted is crucial in God’s plan. But some of the appointments are harvesting not planting. The harvesting appointment is different. Tough to put words to–come and join us and you will see for yourself–you will see miracles and sense God at work.

We currently meet Saturday’s at the Southern NH Rescue Mission on 40 Chestnut Street in Nashua NH at 9:30am. We also are  branching out into Manchester as well.  Please email us (go to The Team page) if you would like to join us in Manchester, as right now there is no specific schedule set.

What to expect?  To us it is simple, we pray and then we go.  We give out gospel tracts, strike up conversations with people, and pray for the sick – looking for every opportunity to win souls to Christ.