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Randy Loubier and Moses

Randy-and-Moses I was saved at the age of 50. When the scales fell from my eyes, I spent some time thinking back to the opportunities I had to find Christ before. In my secular world, there were not many invitations. In fact I can’t think of one after the age of 20. I want to change that for others.

Furthermore, I don’t think Christ is understood well. Certainly not by the secular world, but even by some Christians. The Christ of the Bible, the whole Bible, Old Testament and New, is different than the simplified “wise teacher” and the “love your neighbor” dilution of common portrayals…..

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Trip Nine

Trip-and-familyI have lived in Northern New England for most my life and many of those years were void of passion or purpose. But God radically encountered me back in 2005 when I was finishing school abroad in Western Samoa. Since then, life has been an adventure of pursuing the heart of God: to know Him and walk with Him while learning to love others.  I Graduated from Gordon College in 2010 with a business degree and minor in biblical studies and got married in 2011 to my beautiful wife Christen….

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